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Our Vision

We want to offer a full range of Torah-specific platforms for the community. Suitable for socialising online and in person, searching for information, arranging great events and adventures, creating or watching video content by the Torah community, for the Torah Community. Shop for all things Torah and much more, exclusively from our Torah Community. Get more exposure for your products and services or monetise your website with our Ad network, and so much more in the future.

The Place to meet other Torah Keeping Followers of Yeshua, share ideas, and arrange social events.
The Place for documentaries, movies and videos that are exclusively published by Torah Keeping Followers of Yeshua for our community.
Under development: The Place to find a Torah community-led specialized search engine for Torah-specific search results.
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The Place for a wonderful array of hand-made or manufactured goods sold by and for the Torah community.
The Place that allows you to make additional income from your website with a Torah-centred advertising program with video ad features.
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There are so much more planned for the future, keep an eye out!

Places that are Read for You

Socialize on an unrestricted Torah-exclusive platform

TTN Social is the place where we can make new friends, support our fellow brothers and sisters, share ideas and arrange social events, find like-minded people, and help our children to meet other Torah-following children..

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Share your video content directly with the Torah community

An archive of documentaries, movies and videos that you might not be able to find anywhere else because the content is either exclusively published by Torah Keeping Followers of Yeshua for our community or banned on other platforms.

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A Torah-unique marketplace

A global marketplace for Torah Keeping Followers of Yeshua. It’s the place for a wonderful array of hand-made or manufactured goods sold by and for our community.  Are you looking for that specific Torah item but don’t know where on the web to find it? Look no further TTN Shop has all things Torah under one roof.

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A Torah-select advertising network

The platform gives you access to vetted content from publishers within the Torah community.  You can thereby maximize your ad revenue and take advantage of vetted contextual ads that allow you to monetize your content knowing that the content won't offend your users.

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Places that are Coming Shortly

Find Torah-related content on a Torah-specific search engine

Imagine doing a search and receiving only Torah-related content that you can trust. As a community, we can contribute to a more open and collaborative internet search experience by submitting Torah-related websites or business information on our very own search engine.

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June 2021



Why choose TTN?

Our desire is to give every Torah-keeping follower of Yeshua a platform to easily, securely, and without fear, connect with our fellow brothers and sisters; To maintain a platform where everyone can teach, learn and share with one another; To ensure that teaching materials and conversations are secure and not in danger of being deleted without Scriptural cause.

Five Torah-exclusive platforms.
Meet-ups and Events for the Torah community.
Teaching materials and conversations that won’t be deleted without Scriptural cause.
A Marketplace that will bring quality and trusted goods and services by our brothers and sisters to the public.
A community-led specialized search engine for Torah-supporting search results.
Access to vetted advertisements so you can maximize your ad revenue with peace.
A video-sharing service where Torah Followers of Yeshua can watch, share, and upload their videos.
A privacy-focused group of platforms that prioritize users’ privacy, no telemetry data is recorded.

Support the Community

Join us in bringing our vision to life! As a dedicated family, we are passionately working towards creating a vibrant platform where the community can come together. We wholeheartedly believe that this vision is a calling from Father, and we humbly ask for your support.

Your contribution can make a significant difference in empowering our community. By generously giving financially, you become an essential part of our mission. Together, we can build a thriving platform that fosters connections, promotes growth, and uplifts every member.

Join our cause and be a catalyst for positive change. Your willingness to support us financially will be deeply appreciated, and the impact of your contribution will be felt throughout the community. Let's make a lasting impact together!

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